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About The Money Loaf

Who is The Money Loaf? 


I’m a thirty-something guy married to Mrs Money Loaf and we currently don’t intend to have children. 


For some reason, I got interested in saving and investing quite early on and have become that person that friends turn to for advice about money. 

My first stock purchase was JNJ in 2010 when it was trading around $60 - sadly, I don't have those shares anymore. In 2013, I switched to selling options, but it took me a long time to really get the hang of it, especially the risk management aspect. 

Today, we have ETFs that provide the foundation to our portfolio, a core holding of dividend stocks that provide cash flow, and an options portfolio that helps provide extra income while waiting for buying opportunities. 


I wanted to start a blog to chronicle my own journey towards FIRE, and finally got off my butt to do it towards the end of the covid lockdown. 

Why do you blog anonymously?


I intend to blog with full transparency - that means being open about my finances, investments and the like.


Unfortunately, money is still a weird topic to talk about, so I feel more comfortable keeping these identities separate (for now).

Other questions? Contact me! 

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