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The #1 question I get asked by far is some variation of "wtf are options and how can I use them to generate cashflow too?"

As you can imagine, that's a really tough question to answer!


I've been selling options since 2013, and I've only managed to achieve some level of consistency since 2018.

Anyway, I'm going to try to answer this question by showing you weekly updates into my real portfolio.

One thing I can't stand about options channels or accounts is they either make them sound super complicated or promise unrealistic gains that come with way too much risk.

I'm here to demystify options and give you a realistic view of how they can be used responsibly to complement a portfolio, and in fact provide some cushion when markets are down.


(As I write this the S&P 500 has fallen into a bear market, down 20% for the year - while my options positions are up 10% annualised).

I can't promise that it will make sense, especially if you have never heard of options before. But I'll try to make it as accessible as I can - and if nothing else you can follow along on my journey and enjoy both the wins and losses (hopefully not too many of those!).

The newsletter gets sent out on Sundays and sometimes gets sent to the "promotions" folder within Gmail. If you don't see the newsletter, check there!

Replies will also be enabled in the newsletter - you can reply to any email with a question and I will try to answer them in a later issue.

Note: options can be riskier than stocks & ETFs. You should not sign up for this newsletter if you are uncomfortable with that statement. Nothing in the newsletter should be taken as financial advice - it is how I manage my own portfolio according to my own risk tolerance, and is for education purposes only.

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