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Options trading FAQs

How long have you been trading options?

Since 2013. I’ve been refining my strategy and finally hit it in 2018, and have been generating consistent cashflow since. 


How much can you make?

Well I’m going to be upfront and say beating the market is probably not going to happen, but that’s not the objective. The objective is to generate consistent cashflow in all market conditions. As I’m writing this, we’re in the middle of a bear market thanks to the war in Ukraine, rampant inflation and rising interest rates. The S&P 500 is down at least 20%, but I’m generating +ve 9% on my options positions. 


Can you give us a dollar value?

Sure, here are my numbers since 2018. 

  • 2018 - $1,457

  • 2019 - $3,119

  • 2020 - $2,665

  • 2021 - $8,822

  • 2022 YTD - $18,076


How long do you spend trading options?

Not long honestly. I have a full time job, I don’t have time to watch the market all day. I log in for about 20-30 minutes when the market opens and enter a few trades if there are any opportunities, then I leave it alone. Whatever gets filled gets filled and there’s always another opportunity for those that don’t get filled. 


What platform do you use?

I use Tastyworks and Thinkorswim (TD Ameritrade). You can use any platform, just make sure they offer low commissions. $1 per option contract at most. 


What strategy do you use?

I’ve done everything. Selling, buying, trading all the animals like condors, butterflies and lizards - you name it. Now I’m a net seller of premium, with about 80% being naked puts or put ratio spreads. 


Do you offer any courses on trading options?

Yes I do, but it's full for 2022. I will be announcing new dates via my options newsletter (subscribe here).


More questions? Feel free to email me

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