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$462 profits in September

Happy Sunday! This week, a wrap up of all the trades in this portfolio in September. At the end of last week's newsletter I said I would talk about an assignment this week, but unfortunately there's not enough space so I'm pushing that back to next week instead. For the updates this week:

  1. $462 profit across 5 trades in September

  2. $51 profit in AAPL


$462 profit in September

Much like August, September continued to show some signs of volatility which wasn't so good for older trades, but was great for placing new trades. I placed 6 new trades this month, which I think is a record for the portfolio. New trades in September (click for individual trade reports):

Older trades:

I also entered 1 extra bonus trades that wasshared with the private community/Bread Crumb subscribers:

  • AAPL - closed for $51 profit

Running total of realised profits since the course's inception:

  • Year One (Sep 2022 - Aug 2023) - $3,422

  • Sep 2023 - $462

This brings the total for the last 13 months to a realised profit of $3,884 or a running monthly average of $298. If you're familiar with options and want to follow along the trade updates, you can sign up for my Bread Crumb subscription which is priced at $49/month. i.e. over the last 13 months you would have paid $637 and made $3,884 - or 6x the subscription fee. A reminder that wealth is built over years, not months. August was a great month, September was a decent month - but not all months will be that way. The portfolio is dealing with a few crappy positions, but that's also what I'm here for - to provide guidance and share insight to how I'm thinking about dealing with difficult positions, so that you can think about how to apply it to your own portfolio. Do note none of these are recommendations - I'm just sharing trade updates within my own portfolio which may or may not be right for you.


$51 profit in AAPL

Given the increase in volatility and opportunity, I've been providing a few more trade ideas that fit my strategy, but with different considerations for each option. I may not enter all of them myself because of capital requirements, but the idea is that people in the private community can pick and choose what works for them. One example is in the screenshot below where both AAPL and MDT were trade considerations, and I ultimately went with AAPL, selling the $160 cash-secured put expiring Oct 20 for $96.

apple aapl put option trade idea

7 days later, I bought the trade back for $45, which locked in $51 in profits or about 53% of max profit.

apple aapl put option trade profit

AAPL has been a great performer in the portfolio this year, this makes it 9 profitable trades out of 9 (2 of these came in September alone), with a total realised profit of $886 across these 9 trades. The key to being profitable is to find many different stocks to trade and to trade them consistently and letting the profits compound into more capital, which leads to more positions from different, diversified trades. If you'd like to read about the $543 in profits from 7 different trades in August, check out the link below.


Closing thoughts & useful links

We are back in a bit of a limbo period with nothing much really happening this week. As always, the key is staying patient and waiting for the market to provide the right opportunities, instead of trying to squeeze something out of nothing.

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This article is for educational purposes only. This is my own portfolio which is being managed according to my goals and risk tolerance. Your situation is likely different and you should do your own due diligence before investing in stocks or options.

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