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$1,109 profit in June

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Happy July! Time for the monthly wrap up for this public portfolio in June. For the updates this week:

  1. $1,109 profit in June

  2. $40 profit in Kroger (KR)


$1,109 profit in June

Nothing much happened in June, but the big mover for the portfolio was finally getting out of the JNJ position which I walked through in detail 2 weeks ago. Because the JNJ realised profit was quite large ($914), it skews the amount a little bit, so I've also added in a monthly average as an indication of the portfolio's performance over an extended period of time. New trades in June:

  • Trade #30 PEP - closed for $45 profit

  • Trade #31 KR - closed for $40 profit

  • Trade #32 ABBV - still open

  • Trade #33 SBUX - still open

  • Trade #34 NKE - still open

Older trades:

  • Trade #14 JNJ - closed for $914

  • Trade #27 NKE - still open

  • Trade #28 SBUX - closed for $110

  • Trade #29 BBY - still open

And a running total of realised profits since the course's inception:

  • Sep 2022 - $100

  • Oct 2022 - $180

  • Nov 2022 - $219

  • Dec 2022 - $211

  • Jan 2023 - $142

  • Feb 2023 - $92

  • Mar 2023 - $188

  • Apr 2023 - $192

  • May 2023 - $214

  • June 2023 - $1,109

Running monthly average = $264.70 If you're familiar with options and want to follow along the trade updates, you can sign up for my Bread Crumb subscription which is priced at $49/month. i.e. over the last 10 months you would have paid $490 and made $2,647 - or just over 5x the subscription fee. Do note none of these are recommendations - I'm just sharing trade updates within my own portfolio which may or may not be right for you.


$41 profit in KR

KR announced earnings on 15 June and the market was not super impressed, which set up a great opportunity to finally enter a trade with some volatility. I sold a cash-secured put at the $43 strike expiring Jul 21 and received $52 in premium.

selling options kr profit

Typically I try to take trades off at 50%, but with the market not showing much concern about… well anything, really, I decided it would be ok to try to squeeze more profit out of this trade.

So 7 days later I paid $12 to close the position, locking in $40 in realised profit (or 77% of max profit).


The VIX closed on Friday at 13.59, which as I alluded to above, the market is just not worrying about anything. Whether this confidence is misplaced or not, we'll have to see.

There's a couple of quiet weeks coming up before earnings season fully kicks in. I suspect we might be treading water until then.

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This article is for educational purposes only. This is my own portfolio which is being managed according to my goals and risk tolerance. Your situation is likely different and you should do your own due diligence before investing in stocks or options.

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