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$192 profits selling options in April 2023

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Updates this week:

  1. $192 profit in April

  2. New position in Best Buy (BBY)


$192 profit in April

Earnings season started in April which helped add some volatility in some specific stocks, which in turn provided opportunities to open new positions. In this portfolio, I closed out the month with $192 in realised profits from the following trades. New trades in April:

  • Trade #23 MDT - closed for $38 profit

  • Trade #24 BBY - still open

  • Trade #25 MCD - still open

  • Trade #26 TXN - still open

Older trades:

  • Trade #14 JNJ - got assigned, currently a covered strangle

  • Trade #19 MSFT - closed for $154

And a running total of realised profits since the course's inception:

  • Sep 2022 - $100

  • Oct 2022 - $180

  • Nov 2022 - $219

  • Dec 2022 - $211

  • Jan 2023 - $142

  • Feb 2023 - $92

  • Mar 2023 - $188

  • Apr 2023 - $192

If you're familiar with options and want to follow along the trade updates, you can sign up for my Bread Crumb subscription which is priced at $49/month. i.e. over the last 8 months you would have paid $392 and made $1,324 - or more than 3x the subscription fee. You decide if that's worth it. Do note none of these are recommendations - I'm just sharing trade updates within my own portfolio which may not be right for you.


New trade in BBY

Last week I initiated a new position in BBY, selling the May 19 $67.50 cash-secured put for $61.


The option is actually trading at $29 now, so just about 50% of max profit. I haven't closed it yet but I may look to close it early next week if the market continues to rally.

So far I've closed 5 trades in BBY in 2023 and locked in $344 of profit.

It was also a strong performer in 2022 with 8 trades closed for a total profit of $1,645. I'm hoping it does as well this year.

You can read about my 2022 recap of profits in BBY in the link below.


That's it for this week - the VIX closed below 16 on Friday, which is the lowest it's been in over a year.

This could be a sign of complacency in the market - we'll have to wait and see.

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