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Why did I decide to focus on FIRE?

I’ve always meant to write this post, but have struggled because there wasn’t any one trigger, and the answer really comes down to 2 words…. I’m lazy.

I wanna get things done in the most optimised way, in the least amount of time that will yield the most results.

My dad said it best while talking to my mum once “your son likes to find shortcuts” - I think he meant it as a mildly disparaging comment about a perceived lack of work ethic, but I took it as a compliment.

If something can get done in an hour, why spend a minute more? The faster things get done, the more we can pack into life.

Whether it’s figuring out how to split homework with friends so we can start having fun earlier, listening to podcasts at 2x so I can squeeze in more learning or remembering which train door opens next to the station exit so I don’t get caught behind 9837532 people - I want to maximise the amount of time I have to spend on things I want, even if that’s taking a nap.

And of course not everything has to be that way. I have refused to pick up things like speed reading because I enjoy being immersed in a book - that’s the one thing I’m never going to try to optimise.

Speaking of my dad, he was always working hard when we were young, like the stereotypical Asian dad making sure he could provide the best possible lifestyle for the family. Obviously as a beneficiary of that attitude, I don’t begrudge him for that.

However it did demonstrate firsthand the consequences of continually trading time for money, coming home late and missing dinner and basically giving up years of your life in the process. (Btw both my parents are happily retired now and have been for awhile, so at least they’re enjoying the fruits of their labour).

Finally, I enjoy my own freedom way too much. I’ve also always been a bit of a rebel that doesn’t like being told what to do. Just because it’s the norm to work until we’re 65, doesn’t mean I have to. If I wanna keep “working” on creating financial content to help people, I’ll do it because I want to, not because I have to.

And the sad truth is the only way to buy freedom is with more money.

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